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(a)._______ hand movements in (b.)10 seconds. *The number of vibrations (side to side movements) per second is called the "frequency" of the wave. To find the Unit of frequency use "cycles/sec", (cycles are the number of hand vibrations (hand movements) in (b.)__ seconds divide by the number of seconds). Unit of frequency is also called hertz (Hz).

Practice Problems . Chem-432. A photon has a frequency of 2.68 x 106 Hz. Calculate its energy. Ans: E = 1.78 x 10-27. J. Calculate the energy (E) and wavelength of a photon of light with a.

Chemistry Name: ______________________ Wavelength & Frequency Practice Problems 1. Calculate the wavelength of the yellow light emitted by a sodium lamp if the frequency of the radiation is 5.10 x 10 14 Hz. 2. Calculate the wavelength of radiation if its frequency is 1.50 x 1013 Hz.

(a) A laser used in eye surgery to fuse detached retinas produces radiation with a wavelength of 640.0 nm. Calculate the frequency of this radiation. (b) An FM radio station broadcasts.

E = energy (J) = wavelength (m) ! = frequency (Hz or s-1) h = Planck's constant, 6.626x10-34J∙s c = the speed of light in a vacuum, 3.00 × 108m∙s-1 During the course of this unit, you should become very comfortable with the process of solving problems like the following. You may also want to review scientific prefixes (ex: nano- means 10-9). 1.

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Explanation: Bluetooth uses GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying). When GFSK is used for Bluetooth modulation, the frequency of the carrier is shifted to carry the modulation. By doing this the Bluetooth modulation achieves a bandwidth of 1 MHz with stringent filter requirements to prevent interference on other channels..

Shortwaves: 3 - 30 MHz; used for shortwave broadcasting and amateur radio on the defined frequency bands allocated to these services, ... Long waves (radio) are between 30 kHz to 279 kHz having an average wavelength of 1500 meters. On the other hand, Shortwaves range between 1.5MHz to 30MHz (wavelength is between 10 to 85 meters.) LW travels.